Accucam Machining

300 Sheldon Dr Cambridge, ON Canada

Accucam Contact

Steve Gallant

Accucam Machining
300 Sheldon Drive
Cambridge, Ontario
N1T 1A8, Canada

Tel: 1.519.740.7797
Fax: 1.519.740.1876

Nick Eelhart

Qingdao Effort Machining Co. Ltd
5 Jin Gang Shan Road, Liuting Airport Industry Park
Chenyang District,
Qigndao, China

Tel: 0532.66962067 / 66962068
Cell: 0118613780649333
Fax: 0532.66962021

Please attach any CAD file for which you wish a quote to your message.
Please include terms of contract along with annual volumes and quantity releases.